Dancing On The Borderline is an album on which I describe how I fell in love with a girl from America, started a long distance relationship and soon found out how every household has its cross to bear, but theirs was a little too big for one person to carry around. The cross she beared was the difficult relationship she had with her mother, her parents with eachother and eventually everyone with eachother. Once I spoke up they took it out on her and she lost faith in everything, including the relationship she had with me. Her parents covered up their own lies by more lies while she always tried to be honest to everyone. Her dad said things about his wife to other, yet when confronted with his words he'd flat out deny ever having said such a thing, thus making it impossible for his daughter, or in fact anyone to ever get their point across. Needless to say this left their daughter severely scarred but with her mom always being way too busy with herself there was no one who ever really looked out for her but me. It's been a tiring relationship which could've worked rather well but never really did due to 2 persons stepping in a destroying everything her daughter had simply so they could pretend to the rest of the world on how perfect their household was. Her mother is a familiar person in a community I'm part of as well and everyone likes her. Until they've met her, that is, which makes perfect sense. If her own kids and husband don't enjoy her company, why would others?








The cover feautures an illustration I made after I'd talked to my fiancee as to how she must be feeling. In the Dutch language there's a saying "feeling the ground being pulled away from underneath your feet", which is kind of how I thought she had to be feeling. One giant hand pulling it all away with her ending up on just a small part with nowhere to go anymore. I'd forgotten about the illustration until I cleaned up the folder with sketches for songs, and decided it'd be quite perfect for a possible
album cover