I'm a graduated art teacher living in a small village near Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I spend my days drawing things, playing guitar, listening to music, working on my website and my model railroad. I'm a big Bon Jovi fan, have travelled the world to go see them but apart from seeing the stadiums on my journeys I've always made sure to visit cultural sights or art musea.

Although I initially was a kid who just enjoyed drawing, over the years I've improved various skills by going to graphic school, art school and by developing an interest in new hobbies like mixing bootlegs, a Bon Jovi website and making artwork for CD's. Below is a graph showing how well I've developed certain skills and although clearly not every bar is at a peak, every quality is good enough to be able to cover the basics of it either in class or for personal use.


I'm criticial of the things I see and listen to and often I am deemed too critical, expecting things that aren't realistic. The same criticial opinion I use for things others have created goes for my own work; Something is only good enough if I deem it good enough, not when others think it looks good. This works against me when I feel lazy, but works for me when I feel motivated and inspired by what I'm making as I feel I can achieve a level in my work that creates something that seperates it from its competitors.

To see a few of the other sides of me have a look at some pictures from my hobbies not mentioned on the audio and visual pages of this site. These things give a bit of an indication of what kind of person I am next to my hobbies related to art and design.