Every boy dreamed of getting all the toys from the brochures. So did I. I loved the Lego brochures. My mom always made sure we'd get the new one in late January and I always hated how they started selling the new stuff in late January, about 20 days after my birthday, so I'd have to wait a full year in order to be able to get a new box, which's novelty had worn off a bit by then.

What I liked about the Lego brochures was how they really made an effort into the pictures they put in there. At first they were just some shots of the boxes, but later on they started to make real landscapes solely for the brochures. I've incorporated some of the pictures into my graduation project later on, and only then found out that some of them were montages of different shots just so it'd look like one giant landscape.

The ones listed below are not from the brochures though. It's my personal collection. I don't spend my time building and building, but I put a lot of it on display simply because I love the Lego design and how they put in little functions in it. At first there were just opening doors and windows, but then there were elevators and cranes as well. I picked up on collecting it about 5 years ago, looking into the databases and looking into what a good price for a certain box is.

I don't intend to get every box ever available, at a certain point my collection will be complete. It'll be a while though, as of now, the statistics say, I still need about 187 sets to get everything I want. Many of them are small boxes like a car or a few horses, but there are some castles I'd still like to get as well. I'm not living in a house where you trip over the Lego, there is more to life after all, but it is on display everywhere. The funny thing is that when you mention to people how you collect Lego to associate you with a person who refuses to grow up, yet when they see the collection for themselves everyone wants to touch it. I guess it reminds them of their own childhood and the fond memories they have, and they associate it with happiness.

For me it reminds me of happiness as well. I've spend countless hours with my mom and sometimes with dad as well, building things. I could spend 8 hours a day just building and building, and although those days are long gone I still love how such a little thing can represent so much to everyone. As you can see on the pictures I have picked up making photographs of the stuff I own as well, in a way one would photograph a street. I play with the light features in Photoshop to make it look like as if the sun is going down and people are doing their final chores of the day.