The assignment was easy; create art. Al I wanted to do was draw things. I'd done all sorts of assignments that had taught me plenty of things, but I took this assignment as to showing why I actually wanted to become an art teacher, and to go back to where it all started for me.

Teachers had their doubts as to whether it'd actually be a project I'd finish, but I knew what I was going to make, and I ended up surprising them once I was on the way. When I had finished 10 meters they expected me to be finished, but I said I'd go on and they kind of thought I wasn't serious so they promised me all the wallspace in the world, thinking I'd never make it as large as I said I would. I was told no such thing was possible, they weren't sure as to what to think of my concept, thinking it was either too big, too complex or had no real start or finish, Once I actually did finish there was nothing left but admiration for what I'd drawn yet not enough wallspace to hang up the drawing in chronological order, like the storyline in the picture was pretty much all my fascinations and interests from the day I was born to the day I'd be graduating.

In the end I was capable of decorating 2 walls of a classroom, however, when the drawing would actually have been displayed like I intended it'd have been 46,8 meters x 80 centimeters big. The way it was on display right now was not the most perfect way to show what I'd made as it really was a timeline, but what it did show was the immense drawing it actually was. Once something is bigger than a person people deem things huge, yet when I look at it I still think I could've put a lot more detail in it. I remember finishing 1 week ahead of schedule and suddenly feeling bored as I'd put so much of my time in this project.

When people came to visit their initial reaction was in the veign of "Oh, he's made a big drawing", but once everyone started looking of everything I'd put in there they started to identify themselves with me, suddenly seeing similarities with me, and they discovered pieces of me in themselves. I'd included Sesamestreet, Lego, the A-Team, Bon Jovi, all things that are known to pretty much everyone in Holland. The list is endless and below is just a small impression of everything that is or once was part of my fascinations and interests.