1993 - Paul McCartney
1995 - Hummer
1997 - First landscape
1998 - First still life
1999 - Comics



My mom always says that I was born with a pencil in one hand and a toycar in the other. I've been drawing things ever since I can remember. My mom and dad always made sure they took enough drawing tools with them on holiday because wherever we'd be I'd feel like drawing.

Over the years I've gotten a lot better, mostly by self study, which essentially means just drawing and drawing and drawing til I'd fall asleep. I've spend nights with some music on, or later the TV on and then just drawing things. My big fascination has always been trucks. As a kid I used to join my dad, who's a truckdriver, and would spend my days in the cab just looking at the cars on the road. And whenever he'd be in front of a dock loading his trailer I'd be sitting in the cab drawing the trucks that would pass us by.

Although the drawings from this period posted on this site are by no means my best drawings. Those are often the trucks I'd drawn. The thing is though, after having drawn 100 trucks my mom didn't really feel like saving all 100 of them. She didn't throw everything away and followed my process closely, but didn't feel like having an attic full of truck drawings made by a 12 year old either.