After graphic school and the premise that I'd be doing something full time I wasn't particularly fond of I decided to become an art teacher upon the encouragement of others, and the actual fun I had with teachers from graphic school.

The assignments on teaching school were a lot less challenging and often flat out boring. A lot of them had something to do with doing the same thing over and over and over again only with the idea that exercise made perfect, which might be true for people who've never drawn a single thing in their life, but not really for me. There's no strong difference between my first drawing and my last drawing on a certain subject. I'd sort of done most of it already, in some cases several times.

It's also quite clear how unmotivated I was on assignments which weren't a challenge for me, and then the ones where I actually had to push myself to get somewhere. It got up to the point where I stopped trying, and teachers wondering as to why I ac


I really like teaching though. I love educating people on things I'm passionate about. If I could learn a new technigue I enjoyed this, it's just that I was often unprepared as I started focussing more on getting money by working as the money actually got me further than the long hours in class during which I was supposedly educated but didn't learn a single thing. Yes, there's still some frustration in regards to teaching school...

Back to the actual projects though. Not all of it is outstanding, and there's a bit of a drop in quality compared to the studies I made at graphic school. Still, some of them highlight how I learned a new technigue which in a way is more important than actually being a master of arts in them.