2001 - Perspective
2002 - Typography
2002 - Create a pictogram
2002 - People
2002 - Markers



After middle school I went to graphic school to become a graphic designer. For the first time the exercises were challening. Where previous exercises had been rather easy these new ones were the first challenges I underwent. It was no longer a case of "draw this" and then just following orders, but you were told to draw something by using a certain, sometimes new, technigue. It was here where I developed some sense of imagery and the knowledge on how to do more with a picture than just copying it. I was trained in typography, different technigues and was told on how to design on a computer. Sadly (but not really) most of these digital designs are long gone. A lot of the work done by hand has been saved though, and give a good idea of how I progressed as an artist. Some of it might not be outstanding from a visual aspect but were key factors in how I would later on approach digital assignments.