Eggs And Baskets is a group of 5 songs written about a girl I started dating, then became my girlfriend, but it never really became a real relationship because she either never had time, never had time, or never really had any time. Her friends said she wasn't quite good at relationships, she said she wasn't, but I didn't really understand what it meant until, well, we broke up.

This was a cute girl, and on our first date I saw she liked me, though she was very nervous. No need for that, just be yourself, though in hindsight I'm wondering if she truly was herself that day, or if she was putting up an act just so she'd come across as fun, outgoing, happy and more of that. It's not that she was a miserable person, but she was just never quite there for me, not even after a few months of seeing each other. She told me she liked me, said she was on to a winner, but I always felt rejected, and have, for as long as the relationship lasted, always felt as if I was standing with one foot out the door, just expecting it to be over anytime.

Eventually, after I had been on my best behavior and got a month of neglecting and ignoring in return, I'd decided I had enough. Whether she did it on purpose or not, I don’t really know, but after half a year, I still had to keep asking when I'd be able to come over, and I was done with it. Things that were supposed to be a normal thing never were, and I figured that this girl just wasn't relationship material. There always seemed to be something in her life that stopped her from actually giving it all, and after a while she, despite saying she liked me, did everything that pointed the other way. A shame really, because I do think that if she'd tried a little harder and wouldn't make everything awkward, it could've been a lot more fun.

Whenever I now see pictures of her or hear and see thinks that I connect to her I kind of feel sad for her. Despite all of her opportunities and her insane amount of friends and acquaintances she still manages to make herself invisible which is so sad as she really can be nice and outgoing. I don’t have feelings of hatred or anger towards her, and do hope she’ll eventually find someone who’s able to get something out of her she buried deep a few years ago. It just wasn’t going to be me. Oh well.






The cover feautures a photo of "The Gemeentemuseum" in The Hague, the Netherlands. It's where we had our first date, and where I noticed all these small things about her I thought were cute, and of which she wasn't aware I thought were cute. I remember the weather being rather good, not extremely hot, not cold, but just "quite right". 't was a good day.